• Five dynamic processing functions:
    • compressor/limiter
    • gate/expander
    • peak limiter
  • IKA program-adaptive compression circuitry
  • IRC expander/gate circuitry
  • IGC peak limiting circuitry
  • Switchable AUTO function for automatic attack and release time adjustment
  • True RMS stereo link selectable
  • Selectable operating level
  • Uses 12AX7 tubes and ULTRATUBE circuitry - allowing you to sweeten and personalize your sound by adding the desired amount of harmonics
  • Highly accurate metering for input/output level and gain reduction
  • Switchable side chain input, monitor and high-pass filter
  • Selectable "Interactive Knee" or "Hard Knee" compression modes
  • "Warmth" control allows precise dosage of desired tube effect
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