A fully manual, belt drive turntable, operates from a brushless DC motor and offers a host of DJ friendly features including:
  • High torque motor
  • Fast start/stop with minimal build up to speed for immediate play/end
  • Increased torque to power ratio allows "scratching" effect even though it is belt drive
  • Slider pitch control ±10%
  • Electronic speed change buttons
  • Stylish one piece robust cast aluminium headshell, requires no assembly
  • Power on/off switch - DJ's can easily cut power off to create a "slow down to zero" effect. Switch is located in recess on top left of panel and hence distanced from all other functions to prevent accidental switch off
  • Integral gold plated phono leads
  • Forward/reverse control input
  • Damped/soft eject cue light assembly
  • Dual voltage switchable power supply (115/230V)
  • Complete with SoundLAB slip mat
Type: Fully manual, isolated base
Motor: 6V brushless DC
Drive: Belt
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm electronic
Wow and flutter: 0.15% (WRMS)
Tone arm: Tubular S
Platter: Cast aluminium
Power: 115/230Vac 50Hz
Dims: 450 x 352 x 152mm
Weight: 10Kg
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