This HP series power amplifier has been designed and manufactured with simplicity, clean lines and absolute reliability in mind. Designed to deliver a stereo output of upto 500 Watts per channel (4Ω), the HP1000 also features a built-in "X-Over Filter" with 3rd order Butterworth filter (cutoff at 18 dB/ott.), enabling its use in an extensive range of applications. Bi-amplified systems demonstrate an immediate and practical application for this type of filter section. In a system using two HP amplifiers (one set to High Pass and the other to Low Pass) a filtered amplication system is obtained without the need to add external crossovers.

  • Impulsive power:
    • 2 x 300W (8Ω)
    • 2 x 500W (4Ω)
    • 1 x 1000W (8Ω) (Bridged)
  • Continuous power (RMS):
    • 2 x 260W (8Ω)
    • 2 x 420W (4Ω)
    • 1 x 840W (8Ω) (Bridged)
  • XLR-F input sockets and Jacks for "link" connections
  • Power outputs with Speakon connectors (min 4Ω)
  • Power output in Bridge mode with Speakon connector (min 8Ω)
  • 3-way switch to select operating mode: Parallel, Stereo or Bridge
  • 3-way switch to select the Butterworth filter operating mode: By-Pass, High-Pass or Low-Pass
  • Switch to select the high-pass cutoff frequency 35 Hz or 120 Hz
  • Power supply protection with miniature circuit breaker
  • Delayed output connection
  • DC protection for speakers (relays)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Operating mode indicator LEDs
  • Fast recovery clipping function
  • Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 482x88x410 mm
  • Weight 14.2 kg
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