IMG STAGE LINE MFX-100 (249930)
Stereo multi-effects unit with 18 DSP effects.
  • Background illuminated LCD display in two rows
  • Efficient operation via multifunction control
  • Adjustable input level, output level, and effect level
  • 3-way equalizer
  • Delay, ping pong delay, and stereo delay with adjustable times
  • Echo with adjustment possibility for time and feedback
  • 8 different reverbs
  • Automatic pan, flanger, leslie, and pitch shifter can be adjusted
  • Footswitch can be connected (6.3mm mono jack)
  • Hard bypass
  • Easy restoring of the factory-set parameters
  • Automatic parameter storage (APS)
Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD): 482x47x177mm, 1U
- delay: 0-680ms, 1ms/step
- ping pong delay: 0-580ms, 1ms/step
- stereo delay 10ms: 0-680ms, 1ms/step
- stereo delay 2ms: 0-680ms, 1ms/step
- stereo delay 5ms: 0-680ms, 1ms/step
- echo: 0-680ms, 1ms/step
- automatic pan: 100-9900ms, 100ms/step
- flanger: 100-9900ms, 100ms/step
- leslie: 100-9900ms, 100ms/step
- pitch shifter: ±100%, 10%/step
- bass: ±12dB/100Hz
- midrange: ±12dB/1kHz
- treble: ±12dB/10kHz
- audio: 1x 6.3mm mono jack L/R, 1x phono L/R, max. 5V
- foot switch: 1x 6.3mm mono jack
Outputs: audio: 1x 6.3mm mono jack L/R, 1x phono L/R, max. 1V
Frequency range: 20-20,000Hz
Power supply: 230V~/50Hz/10VA
S/N ratio: 63dB
Sampling rate: 48kHz, 18bit
Weight: 2.4kg
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